From my earliest memories until now I’ve always found it difficult to speak up and speak out for fear of getting it wrong or perhaps offending someone. As a small child I remember wishing that I didn’t have to speak to communicate with others.  I wished we could just read each other’s thoughts, feel what the other was feeling, and understand exactly what was trying to be communicated.  I’ve actually experienced that sort of unspoken communication with a few people in my life, but mostly I know now that I do have to speak up and speak out to be heard and to be understood.  After 67 years in this world I’ve also learned that even when I’ve made every effort to not get it wrong, or to be inoffensive, I can sometimes still get it wrong and may still offend someone…but guess what?  When that happens I don’t die of embarrassment, or wither and disappear. Life goes on!
So…..for me this blog is about reflecting on moments of time from my life spent here on earth…as well as moments of time spent in my dream world…it’s about sharing lessons I’ve learned in both places…and commenting on all sorts of things I find too good not to share…and if my musings strike a chord in your heart, remind you of home, inspire you, or encourage you to speak your own thoughts…then so much the better!
I also write with the hope that when my grandchildren are old enough to care about such things they will read these posts, catch a glimmer of the threads that make up my personal tapestry of life, and see how their own threads of life come together with mine and with others.

I  hope they will understand how everyone’s personal threads are inextricably woven together to create our enormous, and beautiful world tapestry….and I hope they will feel the unseen but always present connection that exists between us all.