Cooper and 911

Originally written 2012. I am blessed to spend time with my 7 year old grandson Cooper and we have such good times together. He visits me often at my apartment and he loves my attached business office and all that surrounds it. He helps me take care of business too, such as locking the outer … More Cooper and 911


Since I began this blog I’ve written new stories and visited old stories and other things I’ve written and saved over the years. Some of the writing I like best I’ve found in letters, and this piece is spun off a letter to a niece I’d like to know better. I’ve only met her a … More Threads

Healing Old Wounds

Have you ever been surprised by an unexpected, uncomfortable feeling that arises from the memory of an old emotional wound you thought was healed long ago? You conscientiously did the work required to understand the situation, you looked at every aspect of it, changed your behavior if necessary, allowed yourself to grieve, and gave yourself … More Healing Old Wounds

Watermelon Gazpacho & Summertime & Things Too Good Not To Share

A good friend shared this recipe with me a few years ago and I still love it! I always look forward to summer and the juicy, red, ripe watermelon it brings, so I can enjoy this refreshing soup once again. I also love thinking about my friend and our friendship while I’m making it. That’s … More Watermelon Gazpacho & Summertime & Things Too Good Not To Share

Learning to Fly

Earlier in my life I strived to be a good daughter…a good wife…a good mother…a good friend…strived to be good at everything…but the problem was….. in my pursuit to be seen by others as “good”…. I was giving away all my good stuff! For a long time I believed I could do it all…work, make … More Learning to Fly