Learning to Fly

Earlier in my life I strived to be a good daughter…a good wife…a good mother…a good friend…strived to be good at everything…but the problem was….. in my pursuit to be seen by others as “good”…. I was giving away all my good stuff! For a long time I believed I could do it all…work, make … More Learning to Fly


Mementoes A few years ago as I was going through drawers searching for something lost, I found a number of small mementoes I’d tucked away, to be enjoyed only on the rare occasion when they were found as I was looking for something else. That day I decided to bring my mementoes into the light … More Mementoes

Finding Beauty

In the beauty salon where I began my career there were a number of hairdressers who still had weekly clients who came to have their hair shampooed, set in rollers, dried under the hooded hairdryer, and then combed out and sprayed with enough hairspray to ensure that not one hair would fall out of place … More Finding Beauty

Thief of Grapes 

My first 12 years of life were spent at 2621 N. Chester, and when we weren’t camping in the Smoky Mountains over summer break, you would find me in our backyard which was a world of its own.   It was filled with the natural beauty of an enormous pussy willow bush, a peach tree, cherry … More Thief of Grapes 

Spring Wildflowers

Have you ever noticed the petite woodland wildflowers growing along the footpaths and on the hills in the Spring?  They seem to be recklessly strewn by a divine hand!  Few of us know their names and yet these flowers care not for their anonymity; their desire is simply to live fully in the moment, to … More Spring Wildflowers