A Vortex Moment

We were hiking on a trail called Broken Arrow, saying our farewell to Sedona until our return next year. We were both commenting on and enjoying the beauty of the red rocks, and red earth. Mark was a little ahead of me on a narrow, hilly path strewn with large, lichen covered stones sitting on … More A Vortex Moment

Building Our Wedding Altar

Clear blue skies…warm sunshine…a small secluded canyon of gorgeous Sedona red rock…surrounded by twisted Pinon trees and white barked Sycamores…air filled with the scent of pine…bright butterflies fluttering and tiny hummingbirds hovering. Long, slender tree, bleached white by the sun and the beauty of age…tugged up from a small nearby ravine…placed on a ledge of … More Building Our Wedding Altar

My fear?

That “I” could disappear! The choice is mine to make Do for all others …and forsake The small, quiet voice inside… The one saying, “please don’t hide” I just keep waiting til “then”…. Until there’s time for me But it seems there’s never a “then” So I Just keep doing this… until someday I see … More My fear?

Tea, Mom, and Me

When I was a child the tea my mother served was Lipton tea, prepared with a tea bag. The Arthur Godfrey show was sponsored by the Lipton Tea company and I remember Arthur telling everyone how delicious it was and how one tea bag would make 3 cups of tea. My mother took him at … More Tea, Mom, and Me

Christmas Tokens

You may or may not choose to celebrate Christmas as Jesus’ birthday, and you may strongly dislike the commercial aspects that surround the holiday; but whatever you believe, I hope you choose to be open to the spirit of the season. For me the spirit of the season is about mindfully setting time aside for … More Christmas Tokens