Thief of Grapes 

My first 12 years of life were spent at 2621 N. Chester, and when we weren’t camping in the Smoky Mountains over summer break, you would find me in our backyard which was a world of its own.   It was filled with the natural beauty of an enormous pussy willow bush, a peach tree, cherry … More Thief of Grapes 

Spring Wildflowers

Have you ever noticed the petite woodland wildflowers growing along the footpaths and on the hills in the Spring?  They seem to be recklessly strewn by a divine hand!  Few of us know their names and yet these flowers care not for their anonymity; their desire is simply to live fully in the moment, to … More Spring Wildflowers

The Hawk and Me

As I reach inside the mailbox on this still, snow-covered morning A bird’s voice falls from the sky to my ear It’s behind me…loud and clear… And it’s the only sound I hear Slowly I turn and stand stock-still, Much like the trees so near My eyes flit up, up through the branches Seeking, but … More The Hawk and Me

A Vortex Moment

We were hiking on a trail called Broken Arrow, saying our farewell to Sedona until our return next year. We were both commenting on and enjoying the beauty of the red rocks, and red earth. Mark was a little ahead of me on a narrow, hilly path strewn with large, lichen covered stones sitting on … More A Vortex Moment