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A few years ago as I was going through drawers searching for something lost, I found a number of small mementoes I’d tucked away, to be enjoyed only on the rare occasion when they were found as I was looking for something else.

That day I decided to bring my mementoes into the light so I could touch them often and be reminded of the special memories attached to each one. I put them altogether on a large rustic gold plate and set it on my coffee table where I could see it every day. My friends and especially my grandchildren enjoy holding and examining these tiny treasures as much as I do.

Their fingers may touch a small polished abalone shell picked up on a remote island vacation, a tiny picture of my son as a little blonde boy, a miniature brass Portuguese ship once prized by my father, a buckeye found on a hike with my grandson, a silver dollar my father gave me many years ago, a petite translucent glass egg that feels wonderful to hold and delightful to gaze into and dream about new beginnings in life, pieces of favorite earrings worn until they fell apart, antique buttons, gifts of amethyst and fluorite crystals given to me on special occasions, a feather found in the desert, and many more lovely little things that remind me of special connections I have to loved ones, and to nature.

I encourage you to bring your small mementoes together into the light…enjoy taking time to reflect on some of your life’s stories…and remember…a treasure always increases and becomes more precious when it’s shared.

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