Clearing away the old to make room for the new

Most of us have an unfinished “to do” list constantly swimming around in our stream of consciousness. Some of those things are really important, some not so much, but most likely a few of those things have been swimming in our stream for years, going in circles, bypassing all opportunities to be set free, and muddying our clear water.

We can get stuck playing an unhealthy game of hide and seek with some of the more important things until eventually they become mostly hidden. However, when they’re hidden they haven’t really disappeared, they’re just lurking somewhere in our consciousness, unfinished, and still consuming energy that could be better used elsewhere.

You’re probably familiar with the saying, “Clear away the old to make room for the new”, from Leviticus 26:10. Some of the oldest sayings are the truest sayings! Spend a little quiet time with yourself and go on a treasure hunt for these incompletions in your life and then do your best to complete them. They might require a letter, a conciliatory phone call, the payment of an old debt, time spent with someone you love, or maybe finally signing up for that dance class you’ve always thought about. Some of the things you’ll find will be fun, some easy, some difficult, but the treasure is the renewed energy you’ll be rewarded with when these things are finally caught, completed and plucked from your stream of consciousness.

A few years ago I was grieving for the life I had lost to divorce, and at the same time I was consciously creating a new life for myself. I eventually worked through the grief and realized the wisdom of Helen Keller when she said, “What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love becomes a part of us”. I took the good of those years to my heart, honored the lessons, let go of the rest, and wrote a final letter to the one who had been so dear to me for so long. That completion helped clear my path, and I moved forward with more freedom in my heart, and in my life. My energy was now devoted fully to creating the life I wanted, not bound up with a life that was no longer valid to me.

Many of us would benefit from writing a letter like this and not ever delivering it, but keep in mind that it may also be of great benefit to the person receiving it. My letter went something like this…and by the way…I delivered it.

Dear You,
I hope this letter finds you well in every way possible.
For some time now I’ve felt the urge to write to you but have not done so because I wasn’t sure how the letter would be received. Today I know it does not matter—what matters is that I write it and give it to you. What you do with it has nothing to do with me; but my hope is it will bring you some measure of comfort, as writing it has brought to me.
I don’t want either of us to leave this world without telling you how grateful I am for all the years we had together. Those years were filled with love, sorrow, joy, pain, wonder, struggle, hope, triumph, loss, dreams, happiness, betrayal, denial, adventures, togetherness, good times, bad times, growth, discovery, and so much more. I am grateful for all of it.
In the beginning of our separation, the lifetime of memories we created together seemed almost unreal, perhaps imagined, or somehow misremembered. Now I claim them as real and as my own, and so they live on in my heart.
The sadness I felt when we parted was almost unbearable. At times I felt as though I was underwater, unable to draw a breath, and when I was able to breathe it wasn’t complete because it wasn’t air shared with you. The sadness has lessened and what remains now is gratitude for the love we shared, the lessons we learned together, and the spiritual strength we garnered from that love and those lessons.
Thank you for sharing your many talents and gifts with me. They made my life richer. Please know I forgive you your shortcomings and ask your forgiveness of mine. When we signed the divorce papers we released each other legally from promises we had made; now I lovingly release both of us spiritually from all promises we each made and did not keep.
My hope is that you find fulfillment, happiness, joy, and contentment in whatever you do and that you are blessed with the strength, wisdom and courage to enjoy it fully.

So what about all those things you want, need, or should do that keep rolling around in your head? The energy you use to keep those things swimming could be used for something else you really want to do! Go seek your treasure!

I share my personal stories with the hope they may inspire you, encourage you, or perhaps empower you to move forward in your own life in some way. I would love to hear from you….. so please leave me a message! Thanks, Elle

P.S. Check out the book “Conscious Loving…The Journey to Co-Commitment” by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks for more advice on Completions. P. 198

2 thoughts on “Clearing away the old to make room for the new

  1. Elle I love you so much. You are such a beautiful woman. I hope that we have time to spend together again sometime in this life. Thank you for sharing. 💜


    1. Thank you Melissa! I miss you too and hope someday we can have a cup of tea together again. I love seeing your life on FB and am proud of you. You are an amazing woman who seems to be following her light. Let it shine!


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