Christmas Tokens

You may or may not choose to celebrate Christmas as Jesus’ birthday, and you may strongly dislike the commercial aspects that surround the holiday; but whatever you believe, I hope you choose to be open to the spirit of the season.

For me the spirit of the season is about mindfully setting time aside for family and friends to share and celebrate the love we quietly carry around in our hearts all year. It’s a time to share thoughtful gifts as well as the joy of giving and receiving. The gifts we give, no matter how small or how great, are tokens of our love, a visible reminder of what lives in our heart.

Becoming a parent taught me how to love unconditionally, and I will always love my children more than there are stars in the sky… I will always be the one who wants to give them the moon every Xmas… and I will always be the one who has to settle by giving them a small token instead.

In wrapping up… :);This Christmas and all the rest of my Christmases I want to celebrate the spirit of the season and share a meaningful Christmas with my family and friends. I will choose to follow my heart by giving Christmas tokens of love…sometimes small…sometimes large…never enough.

PS Here’s something too good not to share. I love this hanging ornament/photo chandelier for hanging Christmas ornaments, Christmas cards and photos. Ours is hanging with giant snowflakes and ornaments above our kitchen island, the heart of our home. I see it from every room in the main living area of our house. Love it!

From Crate & Barrel. It’s on sale! Here’s the link.

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