A Penny From Heaven

Do you every find a penny from Heaven?

A couple of days ago Mark and I were hiking and my eye caught a bright ray of sunlight glinting off a small round copper coin. I couldn’t miss it! As I leaned over to pick it up the sweet memory of my mother hugging me wrapped itself around me and I was a child again, in the arms of someone who loved me all the way to the stars and back.

As I returned to our hike I remembered my mother’s stories of long walks in the desert near her home in Gila Bend where she encountered mountain lions and snakes, and sang to the full moon. She loved those walks and missed them deeply later in her life when she was no longer able to walk any great distance.
I began to feel my arms swinging easily…my feet touching the red, rocky Arizona soil…surrounded by stunning Southwestern beauty…loving the feeling of moving freely across the earth…the warmth of sun on skin…heart filled with the joy of being alive…fully alive in this instant.

For a few moments…her bones were my bones…my flesh was her flesh…our energies aligned…she and I were one on a trail in Sedona they call Mystic.

The penny in my pocket and the pennies I often find in unlikely places are a sweet reminder of my Mom’s love and her presence in my life…then and now. She is undeniably a part of me and I carry her in my bones and in my heart always.

3 thoughts on “A Penny From Heaven

  1. Love that you can express yourself so well and with so much love. You are a gifted writer and you touch people with both your words and your actions


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