A Vortex Moment

We were hiking on a trail called Broken Arrow, saying our farewell to Sedona until our return next year. We were both commenting on and enjoying the beauty of the red rocks, and red earth.

Mark was a little ahead of me on a narrow, hilly path strewn with large, lichen covered stones sitting on intensely red soil, surrounded by extremely old Pinon trees. Scattered all around these stones and trees were small cacti, tiny desert flowers, and grasses, green, brown, gray, blue, all vibrant and alive, some moving with the wind.

As I hiked along the path I began to become aware of each tree as a fully sentient being, quietly breathing in and breathing out, entirely present in every moment of its’ life. Some no longer held enough life to be green, but the beauty of their rugged, blue-gray, twisted limbs, reaching toward the sky pierced my eyes and spoke clearly to my heart.

My skin began to tingle strongly from my toes to the top of my head, and I felt the life force of the earth surging through me. Each one of the beautiful living things around me began to speak to me… in an unfamiliar language, a forgotten language…the language of pure energy. Every molecule of air, earth, flora and fauna was communing with my spirit, and my being was reverberating with energy and joy. Definitely a vortex moment!

Thoughts on trees…color…energy…personal growth…
I read recently that some pinon trees may live for 600 years. Their long life story is evident in the impressive, worn beauty of their rugged bark, and twisted, often entwined limbs. Their roots are nurtured by the red earth, and as a Yoga teacher the color red brings to mind our root chakra, the Muladhara, that connects our spiritual energy to the earth.

Just like these trees we need personal stability and rootedness to bring about true transformation and personal growth in our lives. To my mind, there is no better way to find these qualities than spending quiet time in nature, preferably in the company of trees…and who knows…maybe you’ll have your own vortex moment?!

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