Find Your Song and Sing It!

Her heart was filled with peace and joy when small birds spoke to her in beautiful voices, danced for her on tiny feet, lifted their wings and flew away.
She thought about the life of a leaf on a tree…being warmed by the sun, cooled by the moon, fed by the earth where thirsty roots were buried so deeply, and freed by the wind that blew through on its’ way to wherever it was going in such a hurry.
She imagined how a bee must feel as they flew from bloom to bloom…climbing inside each flower, walking right up to its’ heart and taking the pollen you know is waiting just for you. Drunkenly turning away to hurry on to the next bloom… feet…body…head …all… sticky and heavy with pollen, carrying the tell-tale scent of the lover you’ve robbed and are leaving behind. The scent clings to you and is brought with you to each new bloom, and so life goes on, because of you.
She wondered…does a bee feel tired at the end of a long day? Does he return home and bathe away the pollen and the memories of the day…or does he come home and rejoice in a day well-spent? Does a leaf lament the cycle of it’s life as it falls from the tree? Does the bird know and appreciate it’s gifts every moment?
Maybe…maybe not…but she knows this about the bee, the bird, and the leaf. Each knows who he is… what he is meant to be doing…and he’s doing it.

Can she say the same about herself? Is she singing her lifesong? Are you?

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