My day quietly begins for me as I sit on my porch sipping my sweet morning tea. My eyes are filled with the beauty of our lake and my spirit is filled with serenity and gratitude.

The geese are in the water and the sun bounces off of a white breast as they move gracefully past me. If I’m lucky today I’ll see a great blue heron skimming powerfully across the surface of the water to its favorite fishing spot by the fallen tree at the far edge of the lake. Tomorrow might bring a hawk soaring above me searching for prey, and every day brings busy, beautiful little birds singing their songs in the trees and shrubs around me. With the arrival of evening comes the possibility of an outstandingly beautiful sunset right outside my window.

Heron Lake is truly a hidden slice of heaven and I am always grateful for the wonder and awe of nature it delivers daily; but during this season of thankfulness I am especially touched with a powerful sense of gratitude for all things. This month I encourage you to set aside a few moments out of your busy day to really see the beauty of our community, and to feel the gratitude for simply being alive.

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