Tearing Down the Walls

We all build walls between ourselves and other people, and between ourselves and the “world”. 

We build these walls so we can hide behind them when strong emotions threaten to topple us, or so we can retreat to them when the “world” seems to want to devour us, morsel by morsel.

We believe that we put up these walls for our own health and protection, but often we end up having to “put up” with the walls, and the feelings of separation and isolation they can bring to our lives.  

Most young children’s hearts and spirits are wide open to other people and to the infinite knowledge the world offers each day. 

 They haven’t had time to build walls, and most of us respond to the beauty of their openness by allowing them to touch the deepest part of our hearts. When that happens… our spirits soar!

I want to live each day like the child I once was…..open to love and to the joys the world offers every moment. I want to be awed by the beauty of life, and I want to share that astonishing feeling with everyone!  

That desire has given me the strength to tear down my walls, brick by brick, and I am so grateful for the fresh air and the feeling of openness that comes from living in a world without walls.

I know…I know… I can’t go back to being a child… but as my own personal alchemist…I can choose to meld the openness and innocence I once had…with the knowledge and awareness I’ve earned from 68 years of life on earth…add an enormous pinch of gratitude…and the result is a loving, open, peaceful, sharing, joyous soul whose heart and spirit sings every moment!

The work of finding and tearing down the walls we’ve built is difficult and often painful, but life outside the walls will truly take your breath away.  I encourage you to summon your inner wrecking ball and find greater joy and peace in your life.


Dedicated to my best friend and husband Mark, who has been helping me tear down walls since the day we met.  

One thought on “Tearing Down the Walls

  1. So appreciate who you are and how we are tearing down walls together. I could not have a better partner, friend, and wife. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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