Spring Wildflowers

Have you ever noticed the petite woodland wildflowers growing along the footpaths and on the hills in the Spring?  They seem to be recklessly strewn by a divine hand! 
Few of us know their names and yet these flowers care not for their anonymity; their desire is simply to live fully in the moment, to bring beauty to the world, and to inspire even the heaviest heart to smile, if only for a moment. 

As the heat of the sun warms the earth their tiny green shoots pierce the dark soil and they raise their arms to heaven. Their bowed heads lift, their tiny faces fully exposed to the sun, and they rest there knowing they have fulfilled their destiny.


They appear to live in tranquility, with no thought of tomorrow or the final freezing frost it might bring, and yet their leaves tremble with exuberance for life. They are small but they are fearless, resourceful and resilient.


I so admire these flowers and their sweet, diminutive blooms evoke an overwhelming feeling of exquisite joy in my heart. They inspire me to live as they live…to come into my own by putting to best use the meager sunlight of a cloudy day…to thrive in spite of the storms of life…to inspire others to live courageously and graciously…and to feel my own undeniable connection to the universe.

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